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About this Course


As technology is ever present in our lives, there is no shortage of digital tools that can make online courses enjoyable. UFC's remote language learning via video conferencing takes place on interactive platforms designed for learning.
You'll find chat rooms where learners can talk to each other, interactive boards and exercises that encourage healthy competition between learners.
Oftentimes, you will find that online video language courses can actually be more interesting than classroom lectures because of the different tools we have at UNITED FRIENDS' COLLEGE.
Thus, UFC's remote language learning via video conferencing offers a number of advantages to those who wish to improve their language skills without disrupting their daily routine.

Manage your own workspace
When a student registers for online English courses at UFC, it allows them to take the course wherever they want. A course can be taken anywhere, for example at home, in a home office, in an office or in a hotel if the student is travelling for work. Online English courses can be taken anywhere and the only thing required is a good internet connection. If a person travels regularly for work, they can still take courses while travelling, in a hotel or in meeting or conference rooms, wherever they are in the world.
Choose a time that suits you
At UFC, online English courses can be scheduled in advance according to the student's availability. Without the need to travel to and from classes, classes can be scheduled or changed without too much difficulty if something happens or a problem arises. (While this is true, a fixed timetable is always advisable in order to be fair to the student and the teacher, but it depends on the individual)
Have you ever felt guilty about not being productive or efficient? In today's nationally confined environment, where many of us can't go about our daily lives, it's easy to lose a sense of accomplishment and motivation.
Starting an online English course can be a great way to give yourself something to do, keep your brain busy and invest in your future.
This can save a lot of time, especially if a person lives at a great distance or in another city or even another country, far from our language school: The UNITED FRIENDS' COLLEGE - UFC. Taking English courses online can also save on travel costs, e.g. petrol, public transport.